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 From Jazz and Ragtime inspired instrumentals, Blues, Americana, and a few surprizes. Bare bones, no looping or backing tracks. A little self accompaniment on harmonica and foot percussion, in the spirit of a street musician. Able to entertain a dining audience to dancers and anything in between. 

Tom & Milo Folk n Blues Duo


 Partnered with Thomas Buenger, an incredibly talented singer and multi-instrumentalist. Comfortable in any style; with clarity, range and control that allows him to make any song his own. Multiple nominations for both Blues and Americana in the VC Music Awards; winners 2017 Best Folk/Americana.  Mixing old Blues, Gospel romps, Folk & Americana along with playful banter that pleases audiences of all ages. 

Milo Sledge Trio/& Company


"& Company" can be a duo with a bassist, bass and drums trio, or add piano or sax for a full on sound. This combo can play it soft for a dinner crowd, turn it up for a stage event, or be the soundtrack for a raucous tavern. Delivering Blues, Jump Blues and Boogie from the 1930's forward, Jazz inspired instrumentals, Honky Tonk, Classic Rock and Originals.




A lifelong passion from the age of 6 that started with the piano. My teacher, a former vaudevillian, taught in the classical method and she would on occassion break out with the nastiest, bawdiest Boogie Woogie I have heard to date; at least that's how my little ears perceived it. That indoctrination was both intimidating and intriguing. While tolerating the music of my peers, the music that was available to us, I always latched on to those tones when I would hear them; specifically the syncopated rythyms and "blue notes"; attempting guitar at the age of 8, thanks to Johnny Cash, I would take off 10 years at a time in between picking up the instrument each time getting a little further. Then like for many others hearing Stevie Ray Vaughn brought me back to that experience of witnessing raucous Boogie Woogie piano for the first time. Now with new information and resources I began to seek out the origins of these sounds and tap in to them them which continues to this day.



Inspiration can come from change, challenge or pleasure. When you perform before a live audience that is indifferent at first and they leave pleased that they were there, that's inspiring.

Early influences include piano teacher Patty Johnson, Johnny Cash, Ray Charles, CCR, Chuck Berry, Ro


Early influences include piano teacher Patty Johnson, Johnny Cash, Ray Charles, CCR, Chuck Berry, The Rolling Stones and Jimi Hendrix. Then came Stevie Ray Vaughn who introduced me to the world of Robert Johnson, Lonnie Johnson, Lightnin' Hopkins, Jimmy Reed and Eddie Taylor. The 1950's Chicago artists like Elmore James, Howlin Wolf, and the various guitarist that backed him: Willie Johnson, Jody Williams, Pat Hare, Hubert Sumlin. The great Muddy Waters, Little Walter and his band The Aces, Hound Dog Taylor, Eddie Burns backing John Lee Hooker;  Doctor Ross and Juke Boy Bonner for self-accompanied solo.  Contemporaries Tom Ball & Kenny Sultan not only for their mastery but for their light-hearted delivery. Later on lesser knowns like Junior Kimbrough; recently a new appreciation for Jimmie Vaughn, and of course all of the musicians that have befriended and encouraged me...



*** Milo's Mondays at Boatyard Pub, Ventura Harbor   6:00-9:00

***Every Sunday - Brunch at Lucky Fools Pub, Moorpark with Vance Beach 10:00-1:00


May 17 Fri  Milo Sledge Trio  Thirsty Ox, Oxnard 10:00-1:00

May 19 Sun Milo Sledge Trio Made West 3:00-5:00

May 31 Fri  Milo Sledge Trio  1901 Speakeasy, Oxnard  7:00-10:00

Jun 8 Sat  Milo Solo  Kay's Coffee, Camarillo  10:00-12:00  

Jun 23 Sun Milo Sledge Trio MadeWest Brewing, Ventura 3:00-5:00

Jul 21 Sun Milo Sledge Trio MadeWest Brewing, Ventura 3:00-5:00

Aug 18 Sun Milo Sledge Trio MadeWest Brewing, Ventura 3:00-5:00



              Milo Sledge Originals


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